Wednesday, July 06, 2005

Summer School

Yes, that's the school I'm teaching at. My room is that one with the window.

So Summer is upon the world and I'm still in school. Not that I'm complaining, I have a great job teaching 1st graders how to read (which, as far as Richard Raney is concerned, is an easy task). My kids have been great and I love what I'm doing. Also I work from 8-12 every day, so that affords me time in the afternoon to lounge, rollerblade, jog (ha!), read and love the summer time.

I will soon be writing more to update everyone on my endeavours of the last 2 months, but as for now, I'm out. The Buick needs some fixin'.

Check out for some intuitive critiques of theatre, books, music and movies. Hans has a nice blog open there. Also check out if you want to be jealous of a great writer and world traveller.

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