Thursday, February 10, 2005

A jealous epiphany

Each time I look at my friend Tim's blog, I become jealous. It just seems like he always has many more interesting things to write about (living and working in Montana, falling off a mountain, the move back to B.D., working at The Wisconsin Cheeseman and now he's in Grenada). Unbelievable guy. Definitely a G.G.T.K. (Good Guy To Know). The world is full of said good guys and if you look around, they're everywhere. From the guy who holds the door at the gas station to the roommate who drives your drunk butt home from Madison because you're incapacitated to your best friend who makes sure you have a great time whenever you visit him.

Check out Tim's blog at: He has pictures and everything!

So it was the 100th day of school today. The 100th day of school has been celebrated for the past 8 years or so as a lot of math extensions, etc. The kindergarteners were going nuts. All they could talk about is how we've had 100 days of school so far. "Oh my gosh, Mr. Dorn! Can you believe it's the 100th day of school? I can count to, two, three, four..." Also every kid dressed up with clothing full of numbers counting by ones, fives, tens all to 100. These kids love their math. It's funny how much of my experiences in school I remember by being around kids all day. I remember in kindergarten loving the sandbox table and my grandpa picking me up from school. I remember good times and bad times. I distinctly remember science centers in first grade and the day we had to try bitter chocolate. I stayed in from recess just to try it and of course it tasted like crap. I was so excited (Ooooh! I get to stay in from recess to eat candy! Lucky me!) Little did I know that bitter chocolate was just that...bitter. And it was.

Now Andrew, Jill and I are trying to put some songs together for her gift for her boyfriend Tim. We have picked some good songs with some clunkers included(mostly me, goofing around).


Denise said...

Hey Joe just wanted to say hi!! Your blog is entertaining don't be jealous lol.

Brian said...

Well, now that I know what your competitors have to offer, I'll be taking my business elsewhere. Thank you.