Wednesday, July 20, 2005


Richard called at noon and asked if I had eaten yet. I responded with a resounding "No!" and I told him I'd be over in an hour. Traffic was terrible and I made it to his place at 1:15. We didn't know what we were in the mood for, so we walked down Farwell. We came upon Comet, a newly renovated coffee shop-turned bar/restaurant. Richard was telling me about how he hadn't been here since they reopened, so we tried it out. The decor was nice, 5 points for that. No smoking in the eatery, another 5. Everything on the menu=under $10, another 5 points. But perhaps the most impressive thing for us was the music they were playing. The played a wide variety ranging from Radiohead and REM to Rilo Kiley, The Clash, The Flaming Lips and The Beatles. And not a hint of Matchbox 20.

I hate Matchbox 20.

They were really advertising themselves as a place to get some very fresh, very delicious, very "like mom used to make" food. Well, my mom has never made me a grilled artichoke, provolone, spinach and tomato on a baguette sandwich, but she should start. That thing ruled! I had a side salad (with home made ranch dressing, of course) as well. Also ruled. Richard decided on the French Onion soup which he said "rocked so hard" and the Reuben. All he had to say about the Reuben was "Mmmmm. Hrrrrr. Muuhhrrrr." I shouldn't have asked him about his food while he was eating.

So check this place out. Comet (on Farwell) will rock your taste buds off (and perhaps your socks). Very good food, very good music and very good people who eat there and write about it on the internet.

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Anonymous said...

Well, if you'd ever come around I would make you something (strange) to eat!