Monday, March 24, 2008

The Quote Fridge

When Hans and Andrew moved into an apartment in Waukesha, they began writing down funny quotes that people said while in the apartment, but only while in the apartment. I moved into Hans' room a couple years later and we kept the tradition of the quote fridge rolling. Here are the quotes that survived on the fridge until the day we moved out, August 31, 2007.

Andrew: (Upon arriving home from work) "I'm so lazy I don't even want to change, but I've gotta change so I can be lazy."
Hans: (While playing DDR) "Maybe everything in life isn't a competition...sometimes you just have to dance for the love of dance."
Andrew: "I'm going to spread this on my sandwich."
Joe: "You can call it a spreadwich."
Hans: (Watching TV) "Who's that greasy guy?"
Megan: "Eric Estrada?"
Megan: (Referring to a Dansko travel mug) "Can you get me one? Are they free?"
Joe: "I wouldn't have two if they weren't free."
Joe: (While watching 'The Omen') "It's like a mix between 'The Omen' and 'Kujo'."
Megan: "It is 'The Omen'."
Adam: "Maybe it's a little bit more like 'The Omen'."
Emilie Aschenbrenner: (Responding to Michael's love of Three Musketeers) "Yeah, but sometimes you need a little more than fluff."
Nick Ktorides: "The only time I've ever liked white zinfandel is when I mixed it with Zima."
Jon McWalter: "It's like two wrongs making a right."
Amy Uppena: (While watching the Brewers game on TV and seeing people blowing bubbles on camera) "This would be a good game to be at because there's so much going on, like bubbles and stuff."
Emily: "Who is Chuck Norris, anyway?"
Andrew: "He's like a cowboy martial artist."
Emily: "What, like Walker: Texas Ranger?"